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Veterans License Plates
You can proudly and publicly display your status as a veteran, or support of veterans, and at the same time support legitimate veterans services throughout the state. Over 100 official full-color military and veterans organization logos have been approved for placement on your Vets Plates. Veterans license plates for motorcycles are also available.
Click here to see available license plate logos for cars and trucks
Click here to see available license plate logos for motorcycles

Order a Veterans License Plate:
  • to show compassion to the injured or hospitalized veteran
  • to honor veterans lost in service along with those veterans' families
  • to affirm your status as a veteran or as a member of a veteranís family
  • to honor Americans on active military duty or serving in the reserves
  • to support the members of our veterans service organizations


    For more information see the California Department of Veterans Affairs Web Page 
    The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a service which allows a person to check whether a specific personalized license plate is available.